Hasthinapuram residents draw attention to battered street

Residents of Jain Nagar First Cross Street, Hasthinapuram, have requested the Pallavapuram Municipality to lay the battered stretch and install street lights there.

“The stretch, which is nearly one km long, has not been re-laid for over five years. The thoroughfare connects Jain Nagar First Main Road and Maruthi Nagar Anjaneyar Kovil Street. During monsoon, the stretch becomes flooded, making it difficult for road users to navigate it. The stretch also lacks street lights, causing considerable problems for pedestrians and motorists,” residents said.

Pedestrians and vehicle users find it difficult to pass through the stretch after sunset. “After sunset, the stretch acts as a bar for tipplers. They consume alcohol in the open and throw away plastic water sachets, bottles, cigarette stubs and leftovers,” residents pointed out. “In this connection, we have given several petitions to the authorities, but no action has been taken yet. We will soon send a petition to the CM’s cell,” a resident said.

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