Highways Department to widen Kalapatti Road

The Government has given administrative sanction for land acquisition for the proposed widening of Kalapatti Road into a four-lane.

The State Highways Department will soon take up widening of Kalapatti Road for 8.6 km, for easing traffic flow on the road from SITRA to Kurumbapalayam.

Officials of the Department said the road connecting Avinashi Road (near SITRA) and Sathyamangalam Road will be made into a four-lane one and the sharp bends in some places will be made into straight roads. The Government has given administrative sanction for land acquisition at a cost of ₹27 crore.

The process for the acquisition is on. The widening works will start only after acquiring land. The stretch includes four or five panchayat union roads.

These will also be taken up for widening.

The total project is expected to be ₹84 crore. After the land acquisition, estimates will be finalised and submitted to the Government for sanction and the widening works will start.

This is a congested stretch and those going to the airport from the Nilgiris or from the airport to the Nilgiris use this road. Widening it will benefit them, the officials said.

According to K. Kathirmathiyon, secretary of Coimbatore Consumer Cause, it is better to take up the road work after acquiring land.

Any road work should be taken up only after acquisition. Otherwise the project will not serve its purpose. For instance, at Karamadai, the road over bridge was inaugurated but service road was not laid as land acquisition was not done.

Many are now parking vehicles on the bridge, he said.

Source : The Hindu

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