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Coimbatore: Based on the Tamil Nadu Government implementing its ‘Free Country Chicken Scheme 2019,’ the Forest Department distributed 50 country chicken free to 25 tribal families in Mettupalayam as an alternate means of livelihood.

For a long period of time, the primary occupation of over 20 tribal villages near the Mettupalayam forest region has been rearing of livestock. Recently, the Forest Department issued orders strictly prohibiting grazing of cattle in the forest area.  

This has reportedly affected the livelihood of the tribals who had earlier requested a lift of the ban on cattle-grazing and also to help them with an alternate occupation for their livelihood. The Forest Department with the aid of the Department of Animal Husbandry, has now provided free country chicken to 25 tribal families belonging to Kelpillur, Keelsengalur and Vilamarathur villages. 

The Mettupalayam Forest Officer, Selvaraj participated in the event and distributed 50 country chicken of the Asil chicken breed to the 25 beneficiaries. In addition to this, the TN Government is expected to shortly transfer an amount of Rs.2,650 to the bank accounts of the 25 families. Rs 2,500 is meant for the chicken coops and Rs.150 for training assistance, under the scheme. 

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