Set Back norms for Buildings

Tuesday, 31 January 2012 08:09

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Set Back norms for Buildings



1. What is ‘Set Back’?

It is the open space left in front, side and rear of a building.

2. Is ‘Set Back’ compulsory?

Yes. Building Rules and Regulations specify minimum Set Back distance to be left around a building.

3. Why is ‘Set Back’ necessary?

Providing Set Back space primarily ensures circulation of air, availability of day light and movement of emergency services around the building. It is to the advantage of the residents.

4. Is it required for all buildings? Yes. But not same for all buildings.

5. How important is the front ‘set back’?

This is important to provide for future widening of road. Regulations and maps specify ‘Building Line’ beyond which the building should be built. Usual front set back is 1.5 m minimum, though it depends on width of the road.

6. How much minimum should be the side ‘set back’ for an ordinary residence?

As per CMDA DCR, it should be 1m (3.3’) on one side only if width of plot is up to 6m; 1.5m (5’) one side only if width is from 6m to 9m, 1.5m on each side if above 9m. The rear should be 3 m minimum

7. Should it be left open?

Some structures are permissible in set back spaces.

Sunshade and wardrobes (above ground floor) – up to 0.60 m Open Balconies and Service verandah to Kitchen (both above GF) – up to 1.2 m Architectural and other projection (above GF), Staircase open landing – up to 1m Watchman booth not exceeding 2.5m X 2.5 m and 3 m height can be built here. And meter rooms and electrical panels not projecting more than 0.60 m

8. Norms for apartments?

Front – 3.5m (road width up to 15.25 m); 4.5m – 15.25 to 30.5m; 6m – above 30.5 m Side – 3.5 metre minimum (In general, it should be one-third of the height of the building)

Rear – normally not less than 3.5 metres. In continuous building area, no side and rear set backs are needed.







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Ward 13 (2011-2016)

Tuesday, 17 January 2012 16:12

Ward 13

Thiru.R.Jaganathan of BJP is elected as a municipal councillor for Ward 13. Totally 8 members had contetsed in this ward amongst them Thiru.R.Jaganathan was elected for councillor post with a total of 390 votes. The runner up was Thanasekar.R (IND) with 224 votes. For any queries contact Thiru.R.Jaganathan.


47/8A  Pakkukara Street,


Cell : 97881 17709

Phone : 04254 - 221346


Streets Under this Ward


01     Sundaravinayakar kovil street

02     Rajaji street

03     Pakkukara street

04     Cheran street

05     L.S.Puram street-3

06     M.S.R.Kalyanamandabam road


Ward 12 (2011-2016)

Tuesday, 17 January 2012 16:08

Ward 12

Thiru.P.Subramani of DMDK is elected as a municipal councillor for Ward 12. Totally 7 members had contetsed in this ward amongst them Thiru.P.Subramani was elected for councillor post with a total of 860 votes. The runner up was Palanisamy.P of BJP with 193 votes. For any queries contact Thiru.P.Subramani



3,Krishnasamy Layout,

Mahadeva Puram,


Cell : 99521 79056


Streets Under this Ward


01     Madaiyan layout

02     Krishnasamy layout-1

03     Nanjaiyan layout-1

04     Nanjaiyan layout-2

05     Krishnasamy layout-2

06     Ponnan sandu


Local Body Elections 2011 - Results Analysis

Friday, 28 October 2011 22:35

Mettupalayam : Oct 28, 2011 : The recent local body election has witnessed a different outcome to the previous elections where the dravidian and congress parties have won almost all the elections since the local body elections were conducted on this soil. This time however, D.Sathish Kumar of BJP has proved everyone wrong. It is said that he was a close runner to the other candidates with his earlier work, but there were few who could predict his victory. The AIADMK lost this election despite winning a major share across the state. There have been quite a number of other candidates from the independent category for the ward councillors and there is still 11 members in the councillors. The margin of votes was about 1831 votes which is about 5.4% of the votes polled. Considering that there were 33,989 votes polled, getting one third of the votes was quite some effort. The other parties DMK and the Indian National Congress who have lost this election did not help their cause. The incumbent candidate being a Congress Candidate and from the majority Vokkaliga community was not enough to atleast claim her deposit. There were several other independents who gathered 7.34% and other parties such as the DMDK, PMK and MDMK grabbing the remainder. This election has perhaps sent a message to the ruling party that there are more issues that need immediate focus such as the transportation issue in town and the water scarcity for the town which lies on the banks of River Bhavani. This surely would get more attention in the elections to come and also matters that are considered in implementation.


Data Source : Tamil Nadu Election Commission of India.


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