Nilgiris Parliament Elections

2014 - NIlgiris Loksabha Elections

Thursday, 12 January 2017 00:21

The 2014 Elections nationally was about the cry for sound and clear leadership and perhaps a clear majority for a particular party so that coalition compulsions were not part of important decision making. This seat being the seat of Mr.A.Raja who was accused of being involved in the 2G Scam, was a very sensitive and important point in this election, Although this seat continued to be a reserved seat, there was no change from the DMK's side to nominate their ministerial candidate to this position as this seat was also about pride for the DMK.


In 2009, the seat was alloted to the MDMK whose candidate was not successful and lost by a reasonable margin, this time however, people expected that there will be a drop in vote bank for the DMK due to the 2G factor, however the unknown candidate of Mr.Gopalakrishnan in the plains was a factor to play. Mr.Gopalakrishnan who was a AIADMK functionary from Coonoor it was in the plains that he got all around votes from 5 out of the 6 Assembly seats and not in the Gudalur. Mettupalayam, Bhavanisagar and Avinashi Assembly seats proped the votes in Mr.Gopalakrishnan's favour. Of the victory margin of 104940 votes, 96740 votes came from the Plains seats. Avinashi assembly seat recoreded more than 53% of its votes polled to the AIADMK followed by Bhavanisagar and Mettupalayam with 52.6% and 51.4%.


In the initial stages, the BJP Candidate Mr.Gurumurthy withdrew from the race which turned out to the vote accumlator for the AIADMK. Interesting points about this election was that the inclusion of the third gender for election statistics and availing of the NOTA option. 12.12% of the registered third gender votes exercised their votes in this election is itself a historic milestone. Nilgiris seat was one of the seats that recorded one of the highest NOTA percentage in the country. Of the total votes polled NOTA claimed a healthy 5% which in inference refers to the dissatisfaction of the candidates by this section of the people in the constituency. Aam Admi Party contested for the first time and secured 12525 votes which is better tally than the BSP (an old national party). DMK contested this seat alone without the Indian National Congress which only made the situation worse with the votes splitting and thereby creating gains for newcomers such as AAP.


Candidates contested with votes bagged:



1. A.Raja                          DMK                                               358760

2. M.Kala                          BSP                                                   3377

3. P.Gandhi                       INC                                                  37702

4. C.Gopalakrishnan        AIADMK                                       463700

5. M.T.Rani                       AAP                                                 12525

6. T.Eswaran                     Makkal Maanadu Party                          1655

7. K.Gunasekaran               Republican Party of India                      1650

8. P.Ponnuswamy              CPI(ML)                                              2733

9. P.Subramaniyam             INDEPENDENT                                    1711

10. Dr.P.P.Balan                  INDEPENDENT                                    2704

11. NOTA                                                                               46559


TOTAL VOTES POLLED                                                         933076















Nilgiris Lok Sabha Election Summary

Tuesday, 31 August 2010 00:00

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Nilgiris Loksabha seat has mostly been a Congress Stronghold. The major communities represented here are Badagas, Thodas, Vokkaligars, Kongu Vellalars and of course many tribes. The seat covers a total of 6 assembly constituencies. Avinashi, Mettupalayam and Bhavanisagar in the Plains and Ooty, Coonoor and Gudalur in the Nilgiris. The Bhavanisagar seat has recently replaced Thondamuthur which traditionally has had a large voter turnout ratio.


2009 - Nilgiris Loksabha Elections

Saturday, 28 August 2010 00:00

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The Nilgiris Constituency witnessed a change in leadership this time around with the DMK coming to power. The Alliance with the Congress at the centre and the reprofiling of the constituency to SC, and the replacement of Thondamuthur with Bhavanisagar made it more favourable for the DMK who had a sitting minister Mr.A.Raja to contest from this seat on the DMK- Congress front. The seat has traditionally been a Congress strong hold with the badaga community in the Nilgiris playing prominence. The main communities in this constituency are Badagas, Vokkaligars and Kongu Vellalars. The first election that the KNMK (Kongu Peravai) who bagged 5% of the entire vote bank. This is quite a step forward for a first time appearance. However, the decision of the DMDK not to forge an alliance had secured a 11%, a figure lower than their estimates.


2004 - Nilgiris Loksabha Elections

Thursday, 07 January 2010 13:26

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Nilgiris - 2004 Elections was an election that was a defining moment for the congress at the centre. The election victory was a 5-time victory for Mr.R.Prabhu. The votebank in the Nilgiris was not disturbed with the BJP Candidate losing by 30%. The voting turnout was 59.3% as opposed to a figure of about 60% in Tamil Nadu and 58.1% all over India. The candidates were both familiar and the centre level politics and state level alliance helped secure the seat for Congress. THe seat has always been a strong hold for Congress as witnessed by the results. There may have been some comments that not much has been done by the Congress Candidate in relation to the NMR train, Athikadavu Scheme, Mettupalayam - Coimbatore road and rail, tea prices in the nilgiris and also the long pending issue of addressing the pollution in River Bhavani.