Mettupalayam Municipal Council on Monday decided to increase property tax citing liabilities. It also decided to buy a new car for Chairperson A. Mahariba Parvin at ₹20 lakh.

The Council said as the city had an outstanding of ₹ 21.39 crore and local body was burdened to carry out work to provide basic amenities, it was rising the tax. It decided to increase tax by 25% for residential buildings measuring up to 600 sq.ft., by 50% for buildings between 601 and 1,200 sq.ft., by 75% for buildings between 1,201 and 1,800 sq.ft. and by 100% for buildings over 1,800 sq.ft

For buildings used for commercial purposes it decided to increase tax by 100% and for industrial buildings by 75%.

The Council extended the 100% revision for levying vacant land tax as well.

Exactly nine resolutions later the Council decided to approve the purchase of a new vehicle for Chairperson A. Mahariba Parvin at ₹ 20 lakh. The resolution said the Municipality would meet the expenses from its revenue fund.

Source – THE HINDU

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