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Madeswara Temple, Kuttaiyur
This Shiva temple is a great attraction and a place of importance for all the farmers in the region



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Places of Interest

  • Sri Matheswara Temple – Kuttaiyur

    Matheswara Temple, Kuttaiyur. Sri Matheswara Temple is about 3 kms from Mettupalayam towards Coimbatore. It is located on a hillock near Mettupalayam and near a village called Kuttaiyur. Matheswara is a Shiva name. This temple is believed to be there for over a thousand years (to be proven). This temple’s history is that a cow...

  • Oothimalai

    Oothimalai Temple at Pethikuttai History Brahma the god of creater went to kailasam (the abode of Lord Siva) and wished only Lord Ganesha and did not pay any attention to Lord Muruga, Lord Muruga called on Brahma and asked him to recite the meaning of the Pranava Mantra, and Brahma did not know the answer...

  • Jayamangala Anjenayer Temple

    Idugamapalayam is located about 15 kms north east from Mettupalayam. The word “Palayam” came to existence due to the army camps run by Palayakars. It is located in the Unjavananadu due to the unjanava tree abundance. The temple for Jayamangala Anjeneyar was refurbished in the 13th century by Krishnadeva Rayar under then guidance of Viyasa...

  • Ranganathar Temple – Karamadai

    At Karamadai, a place near Mettupalayam there lived people by the name ” Thottiyars “. Karamadai got its name from the abundance of Karai trees and Karai Cows in this area at one point in time. The Thottiars were traditionally herdsmen. One of the Thottiya had some (Karai Pasu) cows in his cattle. At the...

  • Annai Veilankanni Church

    Annai Veilankanni Church located in Mettupalayam-Coimbatore Road HISTORY: Thirvalar Gabriel and his wife Lourdeu lived in Mettupalayam. One day Lourdeu fell ill with a disease which gave her only 2 years 1967 and 1968 to live (as advised by the doctors). Gabriel then took his wife and prayed to the mother Veilankanni for relief from...