Mattu Pongal at Sri Matheswara Temple

Sri Matheswara Temple is about 3 kms from Mettupalayam towards Coimbatore. It is located on a hillock near Mettupalayam and near a village called Kuttaiyur. Matheswara is a Shiva name. This temple is believed to be there for over a thousand years (to be proven). This temple’s history is that a cow had milked itself on a Suymabu. This is believed to be Lord Shiva. This temple is very sacred among the farmers of the neighbouring villages such as Theramapalayam, Belladhi, Kuttaiyur. The other important matter is the prayer offered for a healthy delivery for their cattle (cows) is fulfilled by offering a statue of nandi to the lord at this temple and the first milk will be offered to lord Shiva on this temple.  Mattu Pongal is the Special day for this temple, so many people in and around this region will visit this temple on the day, This occassion happens Yearly once only.

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