Illupanatham Panchayath is located 17 km from Mettupalayam, 19 villages is under this panchayath, total surroundings of this panchayat is 1969-17-0 Hectares, It has divided in to 5 wards. Mrs.R.Devika Mani is the president of this panchayat, elected in 2006.


Totally 12 Members in this panchayath.

Total Population = 9457

  • Male = 4774
  • Female = 4683


Main occupation of this panchayath is agriculture.

Educational Institutions:

6 elementary schools and one High school.

Medical facilities:

1 Mother and Child care center at S. Pungampalayam, 2 Women care center.

Bus Facility:

10, KMK.

Water facilities:

Water facilities available with 28 over head tanks, 5 Ground level tanks, 14 Open wells, 16 hand pumps and 14 Power Pumps.


230 Tube lights, 23 Sodium lamps.


One agricultural bank and 42 Self help groups.

Ration Shops:

4 regular shops at S. Pungampalayam.

Source: Illupanatham Panchayath office.

Last Updated: October 2009.

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