The Forest College and Research Institute (FC & RI) is located at Mettupalayam in the sylvan surroundings of Jakanari Reserved Forest, about 40 km north of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) main campus, Coimbatore. It is situated over a sprawling expanse of 200 ha of reserved forest, located of the foothills of Nilgiris on the Kotagiri road.  The college is perched at an altitude of 300 m with a longitude of 11.19’N, latitude of 77.56’E and enjoys an annual rainfall of 830 mm. The mean maximum and minimum temperature are 32.2oC and 23.2oC respectively.

Mandate of FC & RI


  • To impart education in forestry to students and produce able forest administrators and self-sustaining entrepreneurs.


  • To undertake research on basic and applied aspects of forestry and to evolve technologies to enhance forest productivity.


  • To impart training and to offer consultancy to tree farmers non-government organization and departmental functionaries.

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