The Election is a defining moment in Dravidian Politics as one of the senior leaders in DMK may bow out after this election handing over the mantle to his successor, who in comparison to the opposition rival and his predecessor is much less experienced and has been overshadowed by the large figurehead of Mr.M.Karunanidhi. The dravidian party tussle comes to the show this April 13. The alliances are almost decided.

This election as many state is a very crucial one as there appears to be a situation that either of the major parties may win or lose with a big margin. There are many organisations that are educating the common man on the need and importance of voting in an election and particularly this one.

Tamil Nadu Assembly Election Schedule – 2011

Issue of Notification                                                       19.03.2011 (Sat)

Last date of Notification                                                  26.03.2011 (Sat)

Scrutiny of Nominations                                                 28.03.2011 (Mon)

Last Date of Withdrawal of Candidature                           30.03.2011 (Wed)

Date of Poll                                                                  13.04.2011 (Wed)

Counting of Votes                                                         13.05.2011 (Fri)

Date before which election process shall be completed    16.05.2011 (Mon)

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