Agriculture is the main source of income for people in Mettupalayam Legislative assembly. In Sirumugai region 5000 people are involved in weaving. Mettupalayam Legislative assembly consists of 18 Panchayaths and 4 Blocks (No:4 Veerapandi, Sirumugai, Karamadai, Gudalore). Total voters in this region is 205931, in this 103465 are male voters and 102466  are female voters and 238 polling booths.

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In Mettupalayam Assembly election winners from 1951 – 2006 are :

1951 – Kempegowder (Ind)

1957 – Ragupathi devi (cong)

1962 – Shanmuga sundaram (Cong)

1967 – Thippaya (Cong)

1971 – Thooyamani (DMK)

1977 – S. Palanisamy (ADMK)

1980 – S. Palanisamy (ADMK)

1984 – M. Chinnaraj (ADMK)

1989 – Gopalakrishnan (Cong)

1991 – S. Sulochana (ADMK)

1996 – B. Arunkumar (DMK)

2001 – A.K. Selvaraj (ADMK)

2006 – O.K. Chinnaraj (ADMK)

Previously  Mettupalayam was a Congress Fort, Since 2001 ADMK has made it a strong hold.

Now (2011) in Mettupalayam three major parties are competing (DMK, ADMK, BJP) this time.


Mr. B. Arunkumar has been the candidate since 1991, of which he has won the 1996 election. In his period, the 2nd water scheme was completed with an estimate of Rs.100 crores and has promised some schemes listed below.

  1. Electric train between Mettupalayam to Coimbatore.
  2. Fly over at karamadai railway gate.
  3. Government college and Indoor stadium for students.
  4. Separate water scheme for all panchayaths.
  5. Renovating the Government hospital at par with private hospitals.
  6. Construction of curry leaves factory.
  7. Sewerage treatment plant ensuring clean water discharge into river Bhavani.
  8. Measures for safety of  people from wild animals.


Mr. O.K. Chinnaraj  is the ADMK candidate again (2006,2011). During his first period Concrete roads, Drinking water facilities and road facilities to villages was done ar an estimate of  Rs. 8 Crores and he has assured the schemes below if he came to office in 2011.

  1. Additional water facility for the panchayaths.
  2. Commencement of Government college and polytechnic.
  3. Introducing underground drainage scheme.
  4. 4 lane road between Mettupalayam to Coimbatore.
  5. Curry leaves powder factory establishment.
  6. Fly over at karamadai railway gate.



Mr. K. R. Nandha Kumar is the candidate for BJP and was the panchayath president  in 2006 Panchayath election. He has commited the below schemes if he  wins the 2011 election.

  1. Mettupalayam Daily market  will run permananently with all facilities.
  2. Steps to ensure regular water supply.
  3. Government college commencement.
  4. Alternate route for Ooty through Karamadai or Nellithurai.
  5. Scholarship for poor students.
  6. Nurshing training centre at Mettupalayam Government Hospital.

The results will be announced on May 13, 2011 with counting starting from 08:00 am at GCT premises at Coimbatore. The final result is expected by lunch time. Several exit polls have been sonducted which show varying results, mostly predicting victory for the ADMK alliance.

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