Maniam C.R.Kuppasamy Naidu (1900 – 1944)











Mr.Chinna Rangaswamy Naidu was born in Pappanacikenpalayam at Coimbatore to Mr.Kasturi Naidu. He moved to Velliangadu to live with his father. Mr.C.R.Kuppusamy Naidu was born to Mr.Chinna Rangaswamy Naidu and Mrs.C.R.Sayammal in the year 1900. He lost his both his mother at birth and father at an early age, he moved to Mettupalayam to live with his Aunt (Chithi) Mrs.Manguthaiammal. He married the daughter of Mr.Vengatasamy Naidu, Smt.Ranganayaki. He worked as Gramma Revenue Maniyakarar for Chikkadasampalayam. Mr.V.Lakshmipathy Naidu, Mr.V.Ramdas Naidu, Mrs.Rukmani Ramakrishnan were the siblings of Mrs.K.Ranganayaki.

Sammanna Drinking Water Scheme

Mr.C.R.Kuppusamy Naidu was a ward member during the last period of Mr.M.S.Rangaswamy Naidu. Due to the lack of proper drinking water, people died of cholera and plague. To save the people from these diseases that were caused due to the lack of proper drinking water, an overhead tank was built at S.M.Nagar,Madeshwaran hillock and a ultraviolet water treatment plant was commissioned at Mr.Lakshmana Naicker’s farm with the help of Town Panchayat and government assistance.

Mettupalayam Co-operative Stores

During the second world war, food supplies were rationed and as a result, a co-operative society was formed under the stewardship of Mr.C.R.Kuppusamy Naidu and this system benefited the people to a very large extent. He was the leader of this society and ensured a fair and proper public distribution system that benefited all sections of the people particularly the poor. This society later became a marketing society.

Mettupalayam Co-operative Urban Bank

Mr.C.R.Kuppusamy Naidu was the Vice-Chairman of the Mettupalayam Co-operative Bank with Mr.Ramakrishnan from Periyanaickenpalayam being the Chairman. He served the poor and needy and extended his goodwill from his previous works to this organisation and increased its patronage and popularity manifold. After his demise at the young age of 44, his picture was installed in the bank as an honorary remembrance and this is seen even today in the bank premises.

His Family

He had 4 sons, Mr.Kasturi Rangaiyan, Mr.Navaneenathakrishnan, Mr.Rajagopal, Mr.Radhakrishnan and 3 daughters Mrs.Ranganayaki, Mrs.Savithri, Mrs.Bakyalakshmi. He passed away in 1944 at the age of 44 after an illness of Tubercluoisis (TB).

Maniam Kuppusamy Naidu Mahal

Mr.C.R.Kuppusamy Naidu’s children remember him very affectionately and have donated a hall in his memory to the people of Mettupalayam at the Nandavanam (burial ground) on Nellithurai road that is run by the Anaithu Hindu Samuthayam Sangam chaired by Mr.C.Ponnusamy. This hall is a great addition to the facilties available now which include stairs on the river banks, a garden and a shelter for people. The family has adopted this area and the maintenance and would like to remember the great soul in this work.

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