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Coimbatore: A group of heritage enthusiasts in the city have found a 14th century memorial in a village near Karamadai near here. While they have been unable to identify the memorial, the enthusiasts say it resembles Ragahvendra’s memorial in Tirukoilur.

Members of the Tamil Nadu Heritage Enthusiasts Group spotted the memorial in a village called Belladi, about 4km from Karamadai. “It has a thulasi maadam on top of it, which depicts Vrindavanam. Beneath it is the grave, which is 7ft long and 3ft wide,” a member of the group, S Ananda Kumar.

“The thulasi maadam has depictions of three forms of Lord Krishna, one holding a pot of butter, another playing the flute and the third dancing on Kaalingam. The fourth side of the thulasi maadam has two Gajalakshmis,” said Ananda Kumar.

“We are trying to find out whose grave it is. The villagers are unaware of its origin. We have only been able to find that it belongs to 14th or 15th century,” he said.

“The memorial is on a poramboke land. Before anyone claims ownership to the land, we urge the State government and the officials of the district administration to preserve the site,” Ananda Kumar added.

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