Mettupalayam consitituency faced a unfamiliar task of electing the candidate from the ADMK (Jayalalitha) or ADMK (Janaki Ramachandran) camp. The Congress candidate won the seat with as many as 17 candidates contesting this election. There were only 5 party nominated candidates with the remaining 12 contestants being independants. The vote split between the party and independents saw a small change but only benefited the Congress candidate who saw a vote split in the region and won by a margin of 5.91%. Although the polling percentage did not change it led to a situation that did not arise in recent times in the decade. Mr.V.Gopalakrishnan was a prominent industrialist from the Kamma Naidu sect with a steel foundry in Karamadai.

With the goodwill as a large employer, the congress nomination and also the situation in the state politics gave him the victory in this election. The DMK-led front won the elections and its leader, M. Karunanidhi was sworn in as Chief Minister. He won his third term. Due to the death of Mr.MGR the then chief minister, his wife Mrs.Janaki Ramachandran took over the leadership, however was in office for less than a month with a dismissal from the Rajiv Gandhi Government, led to a dissolving of the assembly. The ADMK was split into the Jayalalitha and Janaki camps and Congress also contested independently. This gave an opportunity to get the clear majority in the state.



Data Source : Election Commission of India

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