At Karamadai, a place near Mettupalayam there lived people by the name ” Thottiyars “. Karamadai got its name from the abundance of Karai trees and Karai Cows in this area at one point in time. The Thottiars were traditionally herdsmen. One of the Thottiya had some (Karai Pasu) cows in his cattle. At the end of everyday, he would milk them and found one of them to be dry inspite of feeding well. He then watched this cow and found out one day that it had been shedding milk into a Kaarai bush, the thottiya became very furious and struck the bush with his axe and immediately heard a loud noise from the bush and there appeared to be some bleeding from the bush. The Thottiya lost his eyesight at this moment and people knowing this rushed to the spot and found a Suyambu Lingam inside the bush. People realising that this was divine worshipped the Suyambu and the lord restored the eyesight for the Thottiya. The Lord appeared in the dream of thottiya and told him that he will appear to the people if adorned with ” Sandana Kaapu”, as the people performed the ritual, the Lord appeared to the people and graced them in the form of a Kshathirya (Warrior). The scar of the axe is said to appear on the top portion of the Suymabu even to this day.

It is also believed that later in the years, the kind from Madurai (Thiru Malai Nayakan) was cured of a terrible disease and he built the temple for the Lord some 400 years ago at this site.

There is a Kaarai tree which is considered very sacred as this is said to grant the wish of marriage and children.

The Thiruther done in the tamil month of Masi (Feb – Mar) is very special as the devotees arrive from several districts that stretch as far as Mysore and Kerala.

Vakunta Egathesi is a very special day in the temple’s calendar which is normally in the last week of December of first week of January. It is believed that ones that leave the temple after worshiping the lord on this day reach Vaikuntam (Heaven).

Car (Ther – தேர்) Festival

The Temple Car Festival is celebrated at the beginning of the birth of thestar sign of His Holiness Lord Perumal. The star sign of His Holiness of the temple is Aastha. The signs Aastha and Rohini have similar facets. Therefore at the beginning of the Star Sign Rohini the Car festival is commenced and its ends during the birth of the star sign Aastha. The festival is commenced with hoisting the Holy Flag on the first day followed by the Holy Car processions on subsequent days. Shimmavaganam, Anumandha Vaganam, Karuda Sevai, Thiru Kalyana Pushpa Vimana Utsav are the Holy Cars which are taken in a procession for four subsequent days after the Holy Flag Hoisting.

Special Days

Maasi-Magham (Thiruther)

Purratasi Saturdays

Margali-Vaikunda Egathesi

Pooja Hours

  • 08:30 AM TO 09:00 AM
  • 11:30 AM TO 12:00 Noon
  • 08:30 PM TO 9:00 PM

Open Hours

05:30 AM To 09:00 PM

Arulmigu Aranganathaswamy Thirukoil,Karamadai, Coimbatore -641 104.
Temple Office Phone : + 91-4254-272318.

How to Get There:

By Bus: 3A, 3B, 3C, 3D, 3E, 3F, 3G, 4A and All Coimbatore Bus.

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