Mettupalayam (Tamil: மேட்டுப்பாளையம்) is in the midst of an endless spread of Arecanut plantations with buzzing bees, scenic huge nilgiri mountains, a canopy of forest trees and fauna covered by fresh dew, gently flowing clouds, a fresh soothing breeze, Tall coconut trees bearing bunches in plenty, banana cultivation amidst beautiful creepers, that appear like a foothill draped with green silk carpet and blessed for prosperity with Bhavani River is what is called Mettupalayam.


Mettupalayam is located in Kongunadu (Coimbatore District) by the foothills of the Queen of Hills (Nilgiri Ghats). The Niligiri Mountain Railway(NMR) commences its journey from Mettupalayam to Ooty that runs through the nilgiri mountain powered by a steam engine. This steam engine is more than 100 years old and has been in service since 1899. This rail has been declared as an UNESCO heritage site since 2006.

Mettupalayam has a diverse harmonious mix of people from all religions and castes. The local people thrive on the vegetable market that handles mostly crop grown in the Nilgiris and is believed to the second largest market for Potatoes in India after Agra. There is also a huge market for other vegetable such as Carrot, Beans, Raddish and many more here. Mettupalayam is also called as the Vegetable market of South India.

Mettupalayam is also known as a large transport centre from the early days. As Mettupalayam is located on the foothills of the Niligiri mountains, it acts as a doorway to the Hill stations for all its supplies. Mettupalayam also has a history of being the market place for all the items that the hill dwellers want to buy from the plains. Mettupalayam traditionally has also supplied most building supplies to the hills such as sand, blue metal, and bricks. Mettupalayam is also a part of the Niligiri parliamentary constituency and is also an assembly seat in its own right. Mettupalayam politics in the 2006 elections took an interesting turn when the two dravidian parties locked horns and AIADMK won with a slender margin of 142 votes. This result at the Mettupalayam Assembly seat has been the lowest winning margin on this seat ever.

Mettupalayam has the only forest college and University in Tamil Nadu. It is proud of its IFS officers that it has produced so far at these premises.


AREA: Approx 7.2 Sq.Km. ALTITUDE: 314 Mts

TEMPERATURE: Max- 35°C and Min-23°C in Summer, Max-27°C and Min-18°C in Winter.

RAINFALL: 830mm ( Annual Rainfall)

BEST SEASON: August to March

CLOTHING: Summer-cottons, Winter- Woolen,

STD CODE: Mettupalayam – 04254.

State : Tamil Nadu

Literacy : 73%

Population : 66595 (06-07).

Important Locations

1. Forest College on Kotagiri road is a fabulous walking track spot for Mettupalayam people, where spotted deers and elephants are spotted.

2. Nilagiri Mountain Railway, Mettupalayam (Another name “Ooty Toy Train”).

3. Idugampalayam Sri Jayamangala Anjeneyar Temple (App) 15 Kms From Mettupalayam.

4. Subramaniyaswamy Temple on the banks of River Bhavani (App) 3 Kms From Mettupalayam.

5. Kurunthamalai Bala Dhandayudapani Murugan Temple (App) 12 Kms From Mettupalayam.

6. Kumaran Kundru Murugan Temple (App) 08 Kms From Mettupalayam.

7. Karamadai Sri Aranganathat Temple (App) 06 Kms From Mettupalayam.

8. Sri Madheswara Temple – Kuttaiyur (App) 03 Kms From Mettupalayam.

9. Shri Vanabadrakali Amman Temple (App) 07 Kms From Mettupalayam.

10. Big Mosque Located in Mettupalayam

11. Kallar Horticultural Garden (App) 10 Kms From Mettupalayam.

12. Annai Veilankanni Shrine (App) 03 Kms From Mettupalayam.

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