Oothimalai Temple at Pethikuttai


Brahma the god of creater went to kailasam (the abode of Lord Siva) and wished only Lord Ganesha and did not pay any attention to Lord Muruga, Lord Muruga called on Brahma and asked him to recite the meaning of the Pranava Mantra, and Brahma did not know the answer and hence was imprisoned by Lord Muruga. Then Lord Muruga took on the job of creation from him. At this time, Brahma had five faces as opposed to the four faces that he is seen with in many hindu literature. Hence, Lord Muruga also took the same five head formed and this was called as “Aadhi Brahma Sorupam”.

In the creation of the world, Lord Muruga created all living creatures as a good souls and not sinners. Over a period of time, this load of people became unbearable on Goddess Bhumadevi. Goddess Bhumadevi goes to Lord Siva to releive them of this excessive burden. Lord Siva calls on his son Lord Muruga, and requests him to explain the meaning of the Pranava Mantra. Lord Muruga then recites the meaning of pranava mantra, vedas, and agamangalas to his father Lord Siva and releases Brahma. He recites the pranava manrtra at Swami Malai. As he teaches (oodths) the vedas and agamangala on this hillock to his father he called the Oothimalaiar and the location Oothimalai.

Sthala Uniqueness:

Sivan temple without Shakthi : Lord Muruga with 5 faces possesses 8 hands with weapons in creation and is seen in Lord Shiva like image therefore calling it a siva amsam. This means that Lord Muruga had five faces. This form or Lord Muruga is very rare is called as “Kavunjaveda moorthy”. People workship him to best perform in studies and art & craft.

The temple has a suyambu ganesha at the base of the hillock before starting the uphill journey. This temple is believed to be in the Somaskanda style of architecture. Lord Vishwanath of Kasi is on the right of the Lord and Goddess Visalatci is present on the left. As Lord Siva came alone to this hillock requesting the release of Brahma, Goddess Shakthi is not seen in this temple. It is believed that Brahma was kept in an iron prison (Irumborai) and this location is still seen today.


White Sand prasadam is distributed over here. Bohar one of the sithar who left for palani lost his way and performed a yaga on this hillock. It is believed that Lord Muruga  appeared before him and showed him the way to Palani. The Lord Muruga who showed Bogar the way is said to be at the Komarapalayam Naganageswar temple. There is also a popular belief that the commonly seen six face Lord Muruga (Arumugam) is said to have left one face at Komarapalayam and therefore the lord at Oothimalai appears in 5 faces.


The people pray and seek the lord’s approval with a flower to request for a grant of approval before any major tasks are undertaken. It is believed that the Lord is merciful here and is forgiving by accepting confessions.


Arulmigu Oodimalai Andavar Temple,

Puliampatti (via),

Irumborai – 638 459.

Mettupalayam Taluk.

Ph: +91 – 4254 – 287418

Cell: 09865970586.

Opening hours

Monday, Friday, Sasty, Krithigai, Amavasai days 11.00am to 6.00pm.

Margali month and special days for muruga.

On other days people to contact by phone.


Five faced Murugan, Place which Bohar conducted “yaga” and white sand prasadam. Even now also the white sand is given as a Prasadam on the special days.

How to get there?

Oothimalai can be reached on road by bus or car. This is located approx 12th km from Mettupalayam towards Sathyamangalam. After reaching Pethikuttai, a local bus has to be boarded to reach Irumborai and then by walk or local transport from there.

By Bus: 15A, 15c, 16, P4, 24 From Mettupalayam.

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