Vanabadrakaliamman Temple – Thekkampatti

Once upon a time, the nellore province was ruled by 7 wicked sisters by name Aaravalli, Surevalli, Veeravalli etc.,. They were well versed in magical powers and witchcraft. Many a kings were imprisoned and killed. Beema, the brother of Dharma on the advise of Lord Krishna came to tame the sisters but was imprisoned. His escape was possible with the magical powers of Lord Krishna. Then Allimuthu, the nephew of the Pandavas came and won the sisters in the battle with the divine grace of Goddess Badrakaliamman. The sisters realising that they would not be able win Allimuthu gave ‘Palvarisai’ one of their daughters in marriage. The prince, who forgot to worship the Goddess Badrakaliamman was poisoned by his wife ‘ Palvarasai’ without her knowledge by the Juice of the lemon given by Palvarasai’s mother. On hearing the news of the death of their nephew Allimuthu, the Pandavas worshipped Goddess Badrakaliamman and won the battle with the help of Amman’s grace and warriors. Allimuthu was later given life by God Indra and lived lond with Palvarisai alias Valamma, his wife. This area is now called “Nellorekadu”, “Panchalangadu”, Aaravalli and Surevalli Mountains and Pakasuran Mountains. This temple is located on the banks of River Bhavani and the special occasions are New Moon days and Aadi Amavasai.

How to Get There:

By Bus: 8C, 8, 10B.

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