Mettupalayam consitituency’s fifth assembly election was held in 1971. This election was held a year short of completion of the five year rule that commenced in 1967. DMK Party heavyweights such as Mr.MGR played an important role for Mr.Thooyamani who lost the previous election with a 4.55% margin in 1967. Mr.Thooyamani was a student leader of the DMK party and was given the ticket in 1971

which he won decisively against Mr.R.S.Ramasami who contested as an independent who was defeated with a margin of 12.16% (8460 votes). Total electors increased about 4-5% from 93585 to about 99,930 votes. This was the first election where a non-congress was elected in this constituency. State level issues and no strong caste contenders is believed to have influenced the outcome of this election. DMK had commenced its domination in the state and Mettupalayam was no exception.


Data Source : Election Commission of India

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