Srinivasa Perumal Temple is located at Dasampalayam which is nearly 6 kms Mettupalayam. Long time ago, this temple is the place for Bhajans. Also called as Bhajanai Koil or Bhajanai Mandapam. Earlier, a photo of Lord Rama was used in the bhajans which is still kept in the temple today. Founder of this temple is Ilaya Alwar. Alwar is the name which is given for the person who received the blessings of  Lord Perumal. Ilaya Alwar is 90 and even now he takes part in prayers in the temple.

Every Tamil Month Last week of Annadanam takes place.

Special Days:

Every Tamil Month Chittirai Temple Anniversary day will be Celebrated.

Puratasi Saturday.

Krishna Jayanthi.

How to get there :

A 6 km ride from Mettupalayam towards Dasampalayam which is located on the western side of Mettupalayam…

How to Get There:

By Bus: Only Mini Bus – R.V.R.

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